Task Manager

Manage Your Tasks Easily

Small to medium level companies can use it for task monitoring/management. Create Tasks and assign them to user or multiple users. Users/Admin can discuss the task by adding remarks. Tasks will be visible to assigned users only.



Send Emails To Users

Users and admin can add remarks on any task with images for discussion. Admin can send emails to any user or all users from the system. Users/Admin will reieve notification when any remark will be added or task assigned to any user.



  • User Registration

    Users need to sign up before using this system. First account will be an admin account.

  • Manage Users

    Super admin can manage users. This section will be visible to admin account only. Admin can change the role of any user to admin or admin to normal user.

  • Manage Tasks

    Only admin account can create tasks and can assign those tasks to any user. Admin can edit any task details. Admin can add his remarks on any task.

  • Remarks / Discussions

    Users can add remarks with files and images to any assigned task. Admin and other assigned users will receive notification when remark will be added to any task.

  • Emails

    Admin can send email to any single user or all users to whom task has been assigned. Also email can be sent to all registered users by the admin anytime.

  • Responsive

    System is responsive. You can easily use it on desktop, tablets or mobiles.


You can test demo with both admin role and member role. Use the following details to login:

Demo Link: Taskonitor
Admin Role: admin@test.com / password
Member Role: member@test.com / password

Delete functions are disabled in demo.

Demo Taskonitor
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